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CashBuyer Program



We commit to a 21-day close for free – there are no program fees, so long as your client is using our Real Estate & Lending Team. We guarantee our work and, after your client is Cash Offer Approved, if anything goes wrong, we’ll use our programs cash to buy the home.

Your client needs to move faster? No problem. We’ll buy their home for them in cash in 8 – 20 days for an Express Fee.


Cash Buyer Program
1. Our Lending team will approve you

We do all of the work upfront to qualify your client for our Home Loan so you are prepared to buy the house you fall in love with. You already found the one? Don’t worry, we can approve your mortgage application in just 24 hours and the house within 4 hours.

2. Your client makes an offer (and wins!)

Since your client’s offer is guaranteed by our programs cash, it’ll stand out, even in the most competitive scenarios.

3. They set a guaranteed closing date

Unlike other offers, a our Cash Offer guarantees a closing date. We put our own money behind our promise.


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